Event Logistics

At Handdels our service is fairly straightforward; we deliver your packages securely and safely. From local to international, battling Customs, taxes and every aspect of bureaucracy we make sure your item arrives on time and intact. However, that is just the core of our service.

At Handdels we work hard to provide an offering that goes far beyond the basics. In fact, we pride ourselves on working on behalf of all our clients to go above and beyond. In every project we undertake, at every level, we find a way we can add value. We can do this, because we know the right questions to ask. We always carry out a thorough initial brief, where we aren’t just asking the obvious, but also questioning the ancillary needs around your project.

Whether it’s sourcing a Michelin star chef or finding a yacht with a capacity of hundreds of people. We find a range of options available to you, so you understand the pricing and can make an informed decision about which cost is right for your needs. This allows us to make sure that your event or project runs smoothly from the very start to the very finish. Bringing so much more to the table – we offer the ultimate experience in logistics.